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Rhythm Spirit

Join Toshi, a wandering swordsman who unwittingly receives a strange, fearsome power from a mysterious fox spirit. He soon finds himself embroiled in a bizarre and bitter conflict between the demons and deities of an ancient land.

Steeped in Eastern folklore, Rhythm Spirit is a story-based, action-oriented rhythm game in which you battle opponents using musical cues. Unlike most rhythm games, which tend to focus on dancing or instruments, Rhythm Spirit incorporates real-time action and fighting mechanics to create a new type of game experience.

Jump, duck, slash and block, as you and your opponent battle it out to a completely original, “zen remix” soundtrack. Ten exquisite tracks feature a unique fusion of electronic dance music and traditional Japanese instruments.


  • Innovative, rhythm-fighting gameplay
  • Storyline and characters drawn from Eastern mythology
  • Animated movies and dialogue scenes
  • 10 levels and a variety of different game modes
  • Multiple difficulties to accommodate rhythm gamers of all skill levels
  • Tons of unlockable trophies
  • Original, Asian-inspired soundtrack featuring techno, trance, drum and bass – and more